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Teacher's Appreciation Socks

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Our custom socks are soft, stylish, and unique! Show your individuality in these. Great for all ages! All socks are unisex.SIZING:Newborn Crew: 0-6MInfant Crew: 6-12M, 12-24MToddler Ankle - Size 6-11Toddler Knee High - Size 6-10

Todder Thigh High - Size 6-11Kids Crew - Size 11-4Kids Knee High - Size 10-3Adult Ankle No Show - Size 6-12 (Men), 4-12 (Ladies), Kids 4+Adult Crew - Size 6-13 (Men), 4-12 (Ladies)Adult Knee Highs - Size 6-13 (Men), 4-12 (Ladies)The product(s) you receive may vary slightly from the product photo as they are handmade to order. The beauty of perfections: Please note that our items are hand pressed in our shop and may result in imperfections.